Tecgraf visit

On Tuesday Chris visited Tecgraf at PUC University.( http://www.tecgraf.puc-rio.br/ )

Tecgraf develops applications for Petrobras, a large oil company in Brazil.  It also specialises in graphical applications.  These include computer based football game analysis software for use by television companies and software that can be used to display mappings of oil fields. 

They also have an accomplished computer game development team who work under the name Void* Games.

Rodrigo and Francisco at Tecgraf



One Response to Tecgraf visit

  1. Keith & Anita says:

    We are visiting the blog regularly following your journey and can see that you are having a fantastic time. Can we have more photographs with the team members on sharing the experiences with your hosts. We have put some photographs of your evening at Golborne before you departed on our Rotary District website, also I have put your photograph arriving ion Brazil in my May Newsletter that you can access on the website. http://www.rotary1280.org/
    The newsletter is on. http://www.rotary1280.org/downloads/DGnewsletters07-08.asp

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