Message from the governor

District 1280 is a relatively ‘young’ District having been formed only in 1987 by the division of Clubs within the ‘mother’ District 1050. It covers a small geographical area from the plains of Cheshire, through the industrial part of Lancashire to Merseyside and Greater Manchester, and the infamous moors of Saddleworth and of course the famous TT course on the Isle of Man. Its Rotarians are an integral part of the economic and cultural powerhouse that is driving England’s North West forward

There are 49 Rotary clubs in this District (four of these in the Isle of Man). The District also has two Rotaract clubs and two Interact Clubs. The home of the Industrial revolution, manufacturing, industrial, retailing and healthcare, District 1280 is now a District in transformation, moving into an exciting future as a thriving cultural, economic and residential location.

From urban buzz to greenbelt tranquility, 1280 is building on the diversity of its waterfronts, canals, urban and countryside environments to create places where people want to live, work, invest and visit.   Our District provides an excellent cross section of modern Britain.
The Team selected to represent District 1280, is outstanding, and  have undergone a rigorous selection process; they will be colossal ambassadors and representatives for Rotary Peace and Goodwill.  We are sure they will return home with a broadened cultural perspective and new understanding of Brazilian history, language, commerce and government, along a with a strengthened feeling of self – worth and confidence.  The GSE programme of the Rotary Foundation of Rotary International is a unique cultural and vocational exchange offering a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Your designed programme will have an invaluable impact on the career of our young professional in the increasingly global workplace by creating networking opportunities and lifelong friendships.

To all our Rotary friends in District 4750, we extend our gratefulness for the opportunity that you have provided for our team,   Rotary’s ideal of service and our commitment to international understanding are timeless principles that will never be out of date, we are sure that the relationship between District 1280 and District 4570 will emerge with bonds that will be timeless.

Keith and Anita Unsworth

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