Chilling out in Petropolis

June 8, 2008

Today the team travelled by minibus through spectacular mountainous scenery to the area surrounding the imperial city of Petropolis.

Their destination was a beautiful country house where they are to stay for the following three days. Later that evening they were treated to a family meal with some friends of their host family which featured a spread of Italian and Brazillian food, local beer and, of course, Cachaça.

Host families

May 20, 2008

Team members were transferred to their hosts on Sunday evening.  Georg and Chris are staying with a family in Copacabana and Katie is staying in an adjacent area. 

Hosts have been very welcoming and entertaining.  Georg is getting back into his portuguese speaking, and Chris is wishing he knew more portuguese but getting the gist with Georg’s help.  He is also aware that his command of the English language is gradually diminishing.



May 16, 2008

We´re here!

After a mammoth flight yesterday and a warm reception from the Brazilian Rotary guys last night we stayed in the Royalty Copacabana hotel last night.  Two minutes from the beach, rooftop pool and spectacular views of the Rio skyline.  What more could you ask for?