Peter Pan sighted at Village Rio Verde

May 19, 2008

The team spent the weekend at an informal rotary gathering held in a country  retreat called Village Rio Verde.  Here they had the opportunity to socialise with many Rotarians from district 1450.  Much sporting activity was partaken in and many glasses of Cachaça, Caipirinha and Skol were drunk.  (Skol is still popular over here – no sign of Hagar the horrible though!)

Brazilian hospitality is second to none.  The team were made to feel very welcome.  The food was wonderful and the coffee too.  A tree was planted to mark the occasion and the theme of the weekend was Peter Pan.   

Ex-governor, Joper Padrao de Espirito Santo, hosted the meeting, paying tribute to author, J.M. Barrie who donated the copyright of the book to Great Ormond Street Hospital.

Sugar cane harvesting